October 21, 2016
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14.1.1 RATIO FOR EARNING VACATION/REGULAR EMPLOYEES:  Regular classified employees, or a regular employee temporarily assigned to a provisional or limited term assignment, shall earn vacation as approved by the Board of Education. The Board of Education provides that an employee earns vacation on a monthly basis at the rate of:

Fiscal Year of Employment = Days per Month:

1st year through 3rd year = 1
4th year through 9th year = 1.25
10th year through 15th year = 1.50
16th year and up = 1.75

14.1.2 RATIO FOR EARNING VACATION/MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISORY AND CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEES: Classified management, supervisory and confidential employees shall earn vacation as approved by the Board of Education. The Board of Education provides that management employees earn vacation on a monthly basis at the rate of: Amended 1-1-04

Vacation Allowance Per Year = Days per Month:

All Classified Management = 2
All Confidential = 2
All Supervisory = 2 at the beginning of the 21st year of service in the District

14.1.3 VACATION RATE OF PAY All vacation shall be paid at the employee's regular rate of pay earned in his/her permanent classification including any longevity.

14.1.4 PART-TIME EMPLOYEES Regular employees working less than full time shall earn vacation benefits in direct proportion to full-time employees.

14.1.5 VACATION CREDIT FOR PARTIAL MONTH:  An employee in paid status for fifty percent (50%) or more of the working days in the month shall receive vacation credit for that month.

14.1.6 PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES VACATION RIGHTS:  Probationary employees shall not have a right to take vacation until the completion of six (6) months of employment.

14.1.7 VACATION SCHEDULING FOR LESS THAN 12 MONTH EMPLOYEE:  Regular employees who work less than twelve (12) months shall take their earned vacation during the Winter and /or Spring recesses. In the event an employee is entitled to more days vacation than are available during the Winter and Spring recesses, pay will be granted for the necessary additional days to which the individual is entitled. Should an employee be entitled to less days than are available at Winter and/or Spring, the difference due the District will be made by deduction on the individual's paycheck.

14.1.8 VACATION SCHEDULING FOR TWELVE MONTH EMPLOYEES: An employee assigned twelve (12) months per year shall take vacation at a time convenient to both the employee and the supervisor. The employee shall be allowed to take all earned vacation in one unbroken period if it is the employee's wish to do so. In determining the vacation schedule for individual departments, the supervisor shall give employees the choice of times available on the basis of seniority.

14.1.9 CREDITING OF VACATION TO EMPLOYEE'S ACCOUNT: At the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1), Instructional Assistants may be granted in advance the number of vacation days expected to be earned that fiscal year as stipulated in Section 14.1.1 or 14.1.2 of these rules.

14.1.10 UNEARNED VACATION UPON TERMINATION When a classified employee terminates and had been granted vacation which was not yet earned at the time of termination of the employee's services, the District shall deduct from the employee's final check the full amount of salary which was paid for such unearned days of vacation taken.

14.1.11 EARNED VACATION UPON TERMINATION:  When a classified employee terminates, the employee shall be entitled to lump sum compensation for all earned and unused vacation, at their regular rate of pay, except that employees who have not completed six (6) months of employment in regular status shall not be entitled to such compensation.

14.1.12 VACATION CARRY-OVER Accumulated vacation time for the twelve-month employee must be taken before June 30 of each year after the first fiscal year. The superintendent or designee, for the convenience of the District, may extend the time during which earned vacation may be utilized by not more than one year's accumulation.

14.1.13 VACATION HOLIDAYS If a District-approved holiday falls within a scheduled vacation, the employee shall not be charged a vacation day for the holiday.

14.1.14 VACATION POSTPONEMENT Vacation may, with the approval of the District, be taken any time during the school year. If the employee is not permitted to take his/her annual vacation, the amount not taken shall accumulate for use in the next year or be paid for in cash at the option of the governing board.

REFERENCE: Education Code Sections 45190 and 45197



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