October 24, 2016
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North High School
Classified Employees of the Year - High Schools

"I would like to thank everyone who helped me win this award, and who make my job enjoyable to go to everyday."  ~ Christopher Johnson

Chris Johnson has worked for Torrance Unified School District for thirteen (13) years as a custodian.  He has always been an honest, reliable, hardworking employee and a valued member of the North High family.

As a sign of his dedication, Chris took charge of  the recycling program at North High School and developed it into the North High Ecology Club.  Chris heads the Ecology Club, which meets weekly and has had over thirty (30) students involved since the club's inception.  Through this club, he has exposed students to the environmental reality of our actions on a local and global scale.  He runs the annual recycling drive and always arranges the recyclables into a mountain to remind us of how much waste and recycling comes from the North High campus in two to three weeks.  He also takes students to an annual Ecology Fair where they are exposed to different ideas for living green and careers in the environmental field. 

Additionally, Chris has implemented environmentally-friendly ideas at North High by changing all light bulbs to CFL's and experimenting with surge protectors for the school computers.  He is committed to making North High and the world a better place by taking the time and energy to involve the students and staff in that vision.


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