October 24, 2016
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Dr. Mario Liberati - Senior Director – Human Resources 
(310) 972-6071 – Email: liberati.mario@tusd.org
Administers the recruitment, classification, and assignment of all certificated personnel
  • Supervises certificated and classified employer-employee relations and contract administration
  • Allocates certificated and classified personnel based on established staffing ratios
  • Administers procedures relating to transfers, grievances, leaves of absences, evaluations, layoffs and discipline for certificated and classified employees
  • Assists with administrator screenings and administers teaching staff screenings
  • Participates in employee negotiation sessions
Rita Anderson – Administrative Assistant 
(310) 972-6072 – Email:   anderson.rita@tusd.org  
  • Coordinates communication between the administrator and District personnel, employee unions, educational institutions and the public
  • Implements and maintains the initial salary placement and status of certificated administrators
  • Maintains the TTA Collective Bargaining Agreement and salary schedules for all unions
  • Coordinates, compiles and prepares Board agenda materials
  • Coordinates the placement of student teachers district-wide and maintains student teacher agreements
Carla Crowe – Staff Assistant – Human Resources
(310) 972-6039 – Email:   crowe.carla@tusd.org  
  • Provides administrative assistance to the Director – Employee Resources
  • Prepares the bargaining unit contracts for SEIU Local 99 and CSEA Chapter 19 & 845
  • Coordinates correspondence (terminations, inquiries, etc.) for APPLE Retirement
Christina Conners – Human Resources Specialist 
(310) 972-6081 Email:  conners.christina@tusd.org    
  • Coordinates the recruitment and interview process for substitute and full-time certificated applicants 
  • Monitors the annual teacher evaluation process
  • Processes all Student Workers
Cathy Heffernan – Credential Specialist
(310) 972-6080–Email: heffernan.cathy@tusd.org (Hours: 7:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.)
  • Maintains credential records for certificated employees
  • Evaluates, researches and processes complex credentialing information for the Los Angeles County Office of Education audit process
Erin Cho – Human Resources Specialist
(310) 972-6079 – Email: cho.erin@tusd.org
  • Processes and maintains employment records for Certificated Staff (West and South Areas and District Office), Community Day and Shery High School, and Substitute Teachers (A - K)
Carrie Skoll – Human Resources Specialist
(310) 972-6076 – Email:  skoll.carrie@tusd.org
  • Processes and maintains employment records for Certificated Staff (North and Central Areas), all Adult Education Certificated Staff, and Substitute Teachers (L - Z)
Mandy Johnston – Human Resources Specialist
(310) 972-6074 – Email: johnston.mandy@tusd.org
  • Processes and maintains employment records for Classified Staff (A - K), all West and South High coaches, and Noon Aides - West and South Areas
Daryl MasuyamaHuman Resources Specialist
(310) 972-6075 – Email: masuyama.daryl@tusd.org
  • Processes and maintains employment records for Classified Staff (L - Z), all North and Torrance High coaches, and Noon Aides - North and Central Areas
Raquel Wright – Human Resources Technician – Substitutes 
(310) 972-6078 – Email: wright.raquel@tusd.org   (Hours: 5:00 a.m.2:00 p.m.)
  • Coordinates substitute teacher assignments
Carol Chang – Human Resources Assistant – (Part-Time)
(310) 972-6077 –Email: chang.carol@tusd.org
  • Coordinates classified clerical substitute assignments
  • Processes subpoenas for both certificated and classified employees
  • Processes annual TB compliance
  • Processes verification of employment for both certificated and classified employees






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