October 25, 2016
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Permanent Employee
An employee who has completed an initial probationary period of one-hundred-thirty (130) days of paid regular services in the classified service (excluding days absent for illness or injury), or two-hundred-sixty (260) days (excluding days absent for illness or injury) for positions designated by Commission rule as executive, administrative, or supervisory. 

Substitute Employee
An employee who is eligible to work on an as-needed or limited-term basis for a specific classification when an employee is absent.

  • Substitutes must proceed and pass all parts of the recruitment and examination process.  Substitutes do not need to retest for the same class if they are not seeking permanent assignments.
  • Substitute employment does not count towards seniority/probation or make one eligible for benefits.

Limited-Term Substitute Assignments
Limited-term substitute assignments are created to perform duties expected not to exceed six (6) months and/or substitute for an absent employee.  The District may terminate a limited-term appointment at the end of an assigned shift at any time. 

  • Substitutes on a limited-term assignment may interview and accept a permanent assignment if still on a valid eligibility list. 
    (Personnel Commission Rule 7.4)

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