August 24, 2016
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Renew your credential in the convenience of your own home! 
Online Credential Renewal is now required for your Clear, Professional Clear Credential, or reissuance of your 30-Day Substitute Permit.    
Important Information:
You must renew your document before it expires.
Application Fee- $72.50
                        Online Payment Methods:
                        1)  Visa
                        2)  MasterCard
                        3)  Debit Card - with Visa or MasterCard symbol 
  • Click on Online Services for Educators.
  • Click on Educator Page.
  • Enter your Social Security Number and Birth Date (this will take you to your profile page).
  • Click on EDIT, and type in LOS ANGELES COUNTY OF EDUCATION in Last Known County of Employment, click the box to the right.  A window will pop up with Los Angeles County Office of Education highlighted, click on OK.  This will take you back to your profile page. (click on SAVE in gray bar)
  • Change any personal information that needs to be changed.
  • Click on SAVE.
  • Click on NEXT.
  • Set your Security to enable pop-ups.
  • Click on the RENEW box in gray, the document(s) that can be renewed will be highlighted in yellow.  Select YES from dropdown menu.
  • Note:  When renewing a document that has a base credential, you must renew the base credential and then select to renew the other credential.  You will have two YES boxes showing.  To the right of the non-base credential there is a box.  Use the dropdown menu to select the base credential.  Click OK for the appropriate credential.
  • Answer Professional Fitness Questions.
  • Complete the information requested.  Click on I AGREE box, then the CLICK HERE box.
  • Continue on to payment screen.
  • Print the confirmation information for your records.
  • You will receive an email from the CTC when your document is available for viewing.
  • Log back into your Educator Profile page and double click on the document number of the credential you renewed.  Use your toolbar printer icon to print the document for Human Resources.  Use the EMAIL button to email yourself a printer friendly version.  DO NOT SEND THAT COPY TO HUMAN RESOURCES.


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