July 26, 2016
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There are now three options to obtain CTEL (CLAD) certification:
Option #1:  You may choose to take one of the programs offered by many universities to fulfill this requirement; the plus side being you can earn salary-enhancing units; the negative is that you pay for the courses.   Coursework (four classes) will cost about $2500 (less at some university extension programs).
Option #2:  The CTEL exam is offered twice a year (December and June). The CTEL exam consists of three subsets:
CTEL 1--Language Structure and Language Development ($85.00)
CTEL 2—Assessment and Instruction ($95.00)
CTEL 3—Culture and Inclusion ($85.00)
Register to take the CTEL Exams at: www.ctel.nesinc.com
You can download free CTEL study guides at: http://www.ctel.nesinc.com/BC_viewSG_opener.asp
Option #3:  Assembly Bill 1871 ( Signed 9/30/2008) authorizes combining CTEL program coursework with passing scores on the CTEL exams. You will be able to substitute coursework for sections of the CTEL subsets. Check the list to see which universities are approved CTC combination programs.

1.    If you choose to obtain CLAD certification via coursework, the university will apply for your CLAD authorization. Check with your university for filing procedures.

2.   If you pass the CTEL exams, submit to Human Resources the original score report, a $70.00 money order payable to CTC, and a completed 41-4 application (www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/414.pdf). You will be notified by the CTC when your document is available for printing. Print a copy and submit to Human Resources.

3.   If you are doing the new combination program, the university will be filing the application for you. Again, check with your university for filing procedures.

4.   The CTC does not notify school districts when documents are issued. It is up to you to print it from their website and give a copy to Human Resources. Once the document is received by HR the CLAD stipend can be initiated. 

To see a complete list of CTC approved CTEL programs:
If you are interested in test preparation classes for the CTEL exams:
Bilingual Teacher Training Program (BTTP) of the
Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE)
CTEL 1, 2 and 3 Workshops
Click on the link below to register for the above workshops:




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