October 25, 2016
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Michael Wermers

Michael Wermers was elected to the School Board in November 2009. After being discharged from the Air Force in 1982, he returned to California and settled in Torrance. He has been a resident of Torrance for 23 years. Michael has been involved in the community for several years. He has been an active member of his local Homeowners Association and has participated in city activities and committees and is now a Library Commissioner. He has had his own Torrance based business for over 15 years. Michael had the honor of working on the committee to pass measures Y & Z in November of 2008 and then served on the Citizens Oversight Committee for these same measures. Michael received an Honorary Service Award for his work on measures Y & Z. Prior to this, he served on the Strategic Plan Committee for the city of Torrance as well as the Mayor’s SunCal committee. Michael and his wife, Cindy, are the parents of three children enrolled in the Torrance Unified School District.

Contact for Michael Wermers:
phone: (310) 378-5999
cell: (310) 739-0236

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